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Woman throwing fall leaves in the air.
#Brain Zone

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Not Nice: S.A.D.

We all love those fall vibes, but they signal the start of a not so cozy season for others. Days are getting shorter, but let's get brighter.

Cargo train rolling down the tracks.
#Level Up

Secrets of the Motivation Train

The motivation fairy is a lie, and waiting for mystic inspiration is a waste of time. This misunderstood motivation is something we can control.

person with backpack at a train station
#Travel Fever

Unlock the World - Tips for International Travel

Life's an adventure and it's time to get out and see the world. From important paperwork to useful apps, here are some of our top tips for travelling out of the country.

Woman in a crowd typing on her phone
#Tech Hole

Echo Chambers and Tribalism: Social Media to Blame?

Just when we thought Social Media was taking over society, we can see now how their algorithms are fueling division.

Chalkboard full of math equations
#Brain Zone

From Dropout to A's - Academic Accomodations

The system isn't built for everyone, and that's what accomodations are for. Sometimes a little support is all we need to find success.


Falling in Love with Filipino Food

From sizzling sisig to sweet halo-halo, Filipino cuisine offers a unique blend of cultures and an exciting culinary adventure.

air fryer with seasoned potatoes

Have No Fear, the Air Fryer is Here!

Goodbye mushy leftovers and soggy takeout. The greatest kitchen appliance of the century is here to save our taste buds (and maybe lives).

#Brain Zone

Long Road to Build a Blog: Six Years

Building a blog should be easy, right? Apparently my brain says no. After six years of battling my brain, maybe I can make a decent blog.

#Travel Fever

Mabuhay From the Philippines: First Post

Food, caffeine, and a whole lot of sarcasm. We’re discussing Filipino food and coffee as I wrap my journey in the Philippines and kick off the start of this blog!

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