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Artistic illustration of a person crossing a bridge between two places with technological glitches.
#Tech Hole

Bridging the Digital Divide: Tech Equality

There is a wide gap between digitally rich and developing countries. How can we prevent devastation to these countries as technology advances?

Woman grabbing a meat skewer at a streetfood stall

Global Food Remix: Why Food Changes Abroad

That local takeout restaurant near you will taste worlds different than the cuisine in its home country. Food, like people, has to adapt to its environment.

person with boots up on the dashboard holding a notebook
#Travel Fever

Travel Planning for the Laid-Back Adventurer

The heart of adventure is the journey itself. Many of us don't enjoy planning, but a tiny bit can save future headache!

couple watching a movie together with a bucket of popcorn
#Human Orbit

Adaptations Aren't Always as Bad as You Think

You get an adaptation, and you get an adaptation! Everyone's getting an adaptation! Some may be objectively bad, not all are as bad as you think.

Artistic illustration of a person with their head on fire
#Brain Zone

What Does it Mean to be Neurospicy?

In the mental health world we might have just found a new description for our spicy brain. Neurospicy might not tick everyone's boxes, but I dig it.

#Level Up

Challenge Your Beliefs and Change Your Life

Our brains aren't meant to remain stagnant. By challenging our beliefs, we can grow and find new ways to enjoy life.

Neon sign reading 'Canceled'
#Human Orbit

Are We Still Cancelling People?

Social cancellation was a proven and powerful tool for change. Is it still so today? How can we use the lessons of Cancel Culture to influence future movements?

Canadian flag with a snowy backdrop
#Travel Fever

Christmas in Alberta: Community and BBQ

What should have been an icy, subzero Christmas in Canada turned into a warm community filled adventure with great food.

person relaxing on a pier overlooking a lake
#Level Up

Goal Setting for Those Who Hate Setting Goals

Goal setting sounds pretty boring. For those that prefer going with the flow, there are still ways to chase our dreams without a ridgid structure.

Image of mischievous robot at a dinner table doing homework.
#Tech Hole

AI: Not Taking Jobs, Erasing Them

The AI uprising isn't here, yet, and robots aren't taking your job. That doesn't mean that breakthroughs in AI aren't impacting jobs today.

Two masquerade masks on a dark background.
#Brain Zone

The Masks We Wear: Fitting Into Society

Fitting into society often involves wearing masks. This can be especially draining for Neurodivergent individuals. Can we change it?

Coffee cup with roasted coffee beans.

Becoming a Coffee Snob

From bitter sludge-water to caffeinated bliss. I've rediscovered coffee in a new era, and I'm never going back.

scale for measuring gold being calibrated
#Human Orbit

Wealth Isn't a One Size Fits All Concept

What is necessary to live, or to thrive in life? Comparing these ideas across culture may not be so easy. What is wealthy in one country may not be in another.

Man in hoody standing in front of a misty lake in the forest
#Level Up

Stoicism for a Modern World: Stress Less, Win More

Understanding where we have impact in life is important. What is worth our time, and what isn't worth the energy?

Sign that reads 'Sanchez Peak' with some huts behind it.
#Travel Fever

Exploring Sanchez Peak: First Hike in the Philippines

At the highest point overlooking General Santos City, Sanchez Peak makes for a fun adventure and an easy intro hike in the Philippines.

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