#Human Orbit

Does life orbit around humanity, or are we stuck in its gravitational pull? This social survival guide seeks to break down relationships, pop culture, and the quirks of society. Let's explore both how awesome and how weird human beings can be... and we can get weird.

Recent Posts

couple watching a movie together with a bucket of popcorn

Adaptations Aren't Always as Bad as You Think

You get an adaptation, and you get an adaptation! Everyone's getting an adaptation! Some may be objectively bad, not all are as bad as you think.

Neon sign reading 'Canceled'

Are We Still Cancelling People?

Social cancellation was a proven and powerful tool for change. Is it still so today? How can we use the lessons of Cancel Culture to influence future movements?

scale for measuring gold being calibrated

Wealth Isn't a One Size Fits All Concept

What is necessary to live, or to thrive in life? Comparing these ideas across culture may not be so easy. What is wealthy in one country may not be in another.

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