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Pack your bags! This is your portal to far-off destinations and exciting adventures. From travel logs, to tips and tricks, this guide is built for navigating the space-time continuum without (completely) losing your luggage.

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person with boots up on the dashboard holding a notebook

Travel Planning for the Laid-Back Adventurer

The heart of adventure is the journey itself. Many of us don't enjoy planning, but a tiny bit can save future headache!

Canadian flag with a snowy backdrop

Christmas in Alberta: Community and BBQ

What should have been an icy, subzero Christmas in Canada turned into a warm community filled adventure with great food.

Sign that reads 'Sanchez Peak' with some huts behind it.

Exploring Sanchez Peak: First Hike in the Philippines

At the highest point overlooking General Santos City, Sanchez Peak makes for a fun adventure and an easy intro hike in the Philippines.

person with backpack at a train station

Unlock the World - Tips for International Travel

Life's an adventure and it's time to get out and see the world. From important paperwork to useful apps, here are some of our top tips for travelling out of the country.

Mabuhay From the Philippines: First Post

Food, caffeine, and a whole lot of sarcasm. We’re discussing Filipino food and coffee as I wrap my journey in the Philippines and kick off the start of this blog!

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