#Brain Zone

This zone is for the brains, the magic, glorious messes we call the human mind. Expect mental health journeys, exploration of neurodiversity, and plenty of "Wait, I'm not the only weirdo?" moments. Let's start mashing brains!

Recent Posts

Artistic illustration of a person with their head on fire

What Does it Mean to be Neurospicy?

In the mental health world we might have just found a new description for our spicy brain. Neurospicy might not tick everyone's boxes, but I dig it.

Two masquerade masks on a dark background.

The Masks We Wear: Fitting Into Society

Fitting into society often involves wearing masks. This can be especially draining for Neurodivergent individuals. Can we change it?

Woman throwing fall leaves in the air.

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Not Nice: S.A.D.

We all love those fall vibes, but they signal the start of a not so cozy season for others. Days are getting shorter, but let's get brighter.

Chalkboard full of math equations

From Dropout to A's - Academic Accomodations

The system isn't built for everyone, and that's what accomodations are for. Sometimes a little support is all we need to find success.

Long Road to Build a Blog: Six Years

Building a blog should be easy, right? Apparently my brain says no. After six years of battling my brain, maybe I can make a decent blog.

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